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Add or remove members from a distribution list


This document outlines the steps needed to modify distribution list members in Outlook.

Process Considerations:

  • To request access to update distribution lists you manage using the process below contact the IT Helpdesk.
  • Not all distribution lists can be managed using this method.
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A distribution list is a collection of contacts with allows you to email multiple people within a group.  You can only add or remove members from Microsoft Outlook.  


  1. Select the Home tab and click on the Address Book.

    Image 1
  2. In the Search section enter the display name of your central distribution list. E.g.  +departmentname.distibutionlistname

     Image 2
  3. Double click on the distribution list or right click and the select Properties. The details of the central distribution list will be displayed in a new window.
  4. Click on the Modify Members… button

    Image 3

To add members

  1. Click Add… and then search for the name or user ID of the person you want to add                                              Image 4
  2. Once you have found the person you want to add either double click on their name or highlight the name and click Add.

    Image 15
  3. Note: You can add more than one person at once by then searching for another name and following the previous two steps.
  4. 3. Once you have the people in your list that you want to add click the OK button.
  5. 4. You should then see them on the list. Click OK.
  6. 5. Click OK again to close the properties window.

To Remove Members

  1. Search through the list for the person you want to remove. Highlight their name.
  2. Click on the Remove button.

Image 6

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