Conference Rooms Standards Guide


This document will describe the differences between potential conference room upgrades in University of Wisconsin System Administration (UWSA) and UW-Shared Services (UWSS) office spaces. As we propel our organization into the future, our spaces need to be easy to operate, consistent and dependable. To create that experience, UWSS Information Technology has created the below standards to be used across all conference spaces supporting our internal operations. Standardization allows us to book any space in our organization without having to worry about getting "the good room," or "the one that works" and have confidence upon arrival.

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Features of Conference Rooms

All newly designed UWSS conference rooms have the following features:

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Huddle Rooms (2 to 5 people)

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Small Rooms (5 to 8 people)

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Medium / Large Rooms (8 to 25 people)

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Specialty Rooms

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