Reviewing and Approving eForms in HRS


This document will walk through the steps to review, update and approve or deny requests for various eforms within HRS like: Public Health Emergency Leave requests, Salary Advance request, International Payroll Wire and Furlough and TWR Insurance Selections forms.

Process Considerations:

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Approve/Deny Form

  1. Click the hyperlink in the email to access the form.

  2. Click Go to Form button.
  3. Review fields to verify that an employee is eligible.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the form in consultation with the employee.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Enter comments (optional) and click Approve or Deny as appropriate.
    NOTE: If comments are entered before the form is ready to be approved, click Save Comment.
    WARNING: Request Information and Start New Path are not part of the current process, please do not attempt to use these features.

  7. An email will be sent to the employee, notifying them of the request being approved or denied.
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Review an Approved Form

Once a form has been approved, it is available for review only by the person who approved the request.
EXCEPT Furlough and TWR Insurance Selection form which can be reviewed by anyone with the UW_UNV_BN_CAMPUS_BN_UPD security role.
  1. Navigation: Enterprise Components > Forms > Approve/Review a Form
  2. In the Form field select the form.
  3. Enter the form sequence number in the Sequence Number field.
    NOTE: if you do not know the sequence number, in the Subject field change the criteria to Contains and enter the empl ID.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Go to Form to open a read version of the form.
To review the Telecommuting Agreement Form:
  1. Navigation: MyUW portal > personal information tile > Update My Personal Information hyperlink
    NOTE: Navigation occurs through your personal portal, not the employees.
  2. Select Telecommute Agreement tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Click the View a Telework eForm tab.
  4. Enter search criteria and click Search.
    NOTE: Search results will be limited based upon row level security.
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Enter a Furlough or TWR Insurance Selections Form on Behalf of an Employee

Security role needed: UW_UNV_BN_CAMPUS_BN_UPD
  1. Navigation: Enterprise Components > Forms > Search/Fill in a Form
  2. Click Add a New Value.
    NOTE: Find an Existing Value can be used to see all forms that have been started but not submitted and all forms that you submitted. Click on a form in initial status to complete the process.
  3. In the Form field enter BN_Furl01 (Furlough Insurance Selections) or BN_TWR1 (Temp Work Reduction Insurance Selections).
    WARNING: Public Health Emergency Leave form can not be completed using these steps.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Your personal information appears in the Name, Empl ID and department field. Replace your empl ID with the employee's empl ID.
    NOTE: Name and dept will not update until after the record has been saved.
  6. Enter information on behalf of the employee, including all required fields and insurance selections for the employee's benefits.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Verify that Employee name and department updated to correct employee.
    NOTE: if the name and department did not update from your information to the employee's then you do not have security to enter forms for other employees on this page.
  9. Click Submit at the top of the page.
    NOTE: The enterer can also approve a request, if that is appropriate for the institution. Approval must be completed using steps above.
  10. Click OK.
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Public Health Emergency Leave Query

This query is available as part of the HR Reports (UW_UNV_HR_Reports) Security Role.
  1. Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  2.  Search for Query Name: UW_HR_EFLMA
  3. Select HTML or Excel.
  4. Select Pending, Approved, or Denied from the Approver Status drop down.
  5. Enter Business Unit and/or Approver Empl ID, if needed.
  6. Click View Results.

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