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Sending Procurement Contracts Using Docusign


This document will cover the process send contracts to vendors through docusign.

Process Considerations:

  • Vendors should contact DocuSign for questions or support. A link is provided in the contract email.
  • If a contract is not signed within 30 days of the sent date the invitation to sign will automatically expire.
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

Instructions for Creating a New User

NOTE: Only DocuSign administrations are able to create new users.
    1. Log into DocuSign.

    2. Click the Admin Tab at the top of the page.
    3. Click Users in the Users and Groups section on the left hand side.
    1. Click Add User button.NOTE: Verify the user is not on the existing list to prevent multiple records from being created.
    1. Enter user Email, and click Next.
    2. Enter user's Full Name and any addition Profile Information, and click Next
    3. Enter an Access Code for the user, and click Next.NOTE: This access code is sent to the new user by you in a separate email and is not their password.
    4. Select a Permission Profile.
    5. Select a Group from the drop down.
    6. Click Add User.NOTE: An email will be sent to the email address entered with a link for the new user to access and create an account.
    7. Send an email to the new user with the Access Code needed to finish setting up their account.
  1. Click Share envelopes with user from the Actions drop down to the right of the user's name. This allows the user to access other team members envelopes.

Finalizing a New User Account

    1. Click the Activate button in the email sent from DocuSign.
    2. Create and enter a Password.NOTE: the password is not the access code that was sent.
    3. Select a Security Question and enter an answer.
    4. Click Activate.
  1. Enter the Access Code that was emailed separately by the admin who created the account.
  2. Click Validate.

Setting up a Signature and Personal Information

    1. On the Home tab, click the Create Your Signature hyperlink.
    1. Verify that Full Name and Initials are correct.
    2. Select the Signature you would like to use.
    3. Review the agreement, and click Create.
docusign admin page
    1. Click the Edit hyperlink back on the Home tab.
    2. Enter Company and Address Information.
    3. Click Save.
docusign personal information page
  • Click Home to return to the Home tab.

Editing a Signature and Personal Information

    1. Click the Edit hyperlink, next to My DocuSign ID on the Home tab.
docusign homepage
  1. Change Name or Email address:
    a. click the Edit hyperlink next to the field.
    b. Review relevant information and enter new values.
    c. Click Change.
  2. To change Signature:
    a. Click Signature hyperlink on right side.
    b. Click Edit to select a new signature.
    c. Click Create.
  3. Add an additional Signature:
    a. Click Signature hyperlink on right side.
    b. Click Add New hyperlink,
    c. Verify that Full Name and Initials are correct.
    d. Select the Signature you would like to use.
    e. Review the agreement, and click Create.
  4. Modify Company and Address information:
    a. Enter/correct values.
    b. Click Save.

Creating an Envelope and Sending a Contract

    1. Click the New button, next to Sign or Get Signatures.
    2. Click Send an Envelope.
create new page
    1. Click Upload in the Add Documents to the Envelope section.
      NOTE: Prior to uploading a document be sure the document has been edited and saved as a PDF following the naming convention ***
    2. Select the document and click Open.
    3. Verify that the Set signing order box is checked.
    4. Enter the Name and Email address of the vendor in the box marked 1 (one).
    5. Click Add Recipient button.
docusign upload page
  • Enter your Name and Email address in box 2 (two).
  • In the Message to All Recipients section, review the Email Subject, but do not make changes.
  • Enter the standard Email Message.
  • Click Next.

docusign venodor name If you click Send Now, you will send the contract but it will not include any signing markers.

    docusign email creation
    • Click and drag the Signature field, found in the Standard Fields section, to the location(s) that the vendor must sign.
    • Click and drag any additional indicators to locations on the contract that the vendor must enter information.
      NOTE: Checkbox and Radio fields placed on a document allows the signer to indicate their selection between multiple options.
    docusign form creation
    • Click and drag the Signature field, to the location that you will sign, following vendor completion.
    • In the Signature section on the right side of the page, click the dropdown list under Recipient and select your name.
      NOTE: The signature box will change colors to the color associated with your indicator.
    • Click and drag any additional indicators to locations on the contract that must be entered.
    • Click Send.
    • An email will be sent to the vendor that there is a document to be signed and you will be taken to the Manage tab to review sent envelopes.

    Correcting an Envelope

    After an envelope has been sent it is possible to correct the envelope and resend to the vendor.
      1. On the Manage page, select Correct from the drop down on the far right of the envelope.
    resend and sending
    1. Make changes to the recipients and/or email message, as needed.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Make changes to contract signature flags as needed.
    4. Click Correct.
      NOTE: If a recipient has already signed the contract they are unable to see envelope changes.
    NOTE: If an envelope should not be corrected, click the Discard Changes in the upper right of the page to cancel the correction.

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