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Reviewing Mandatory Employee Training in HRS


The mandatory training process provides automatic notification of required training as well as a query that can be run anytime to see the status of individual's training requirements.

Process Considerations:

  • Updates in HRS can be delayed up to 6 hours after course completion due to processing time.
  • If an employee has a pay status of inactive, they will not receive notification until after their pay status returns to active (i.e. leave of absence)
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Mandatory Employee Training Courses

Information Security - annual required training

Title IX - required training every three years

Mandated Reporter - required training once after hire

Mandatory Employee Training Email Process

warning  Do not manually send emails to employee's to complete the courses, it may cause challenges with tracking results.

Emails are automatically sent to an employee's preferred business email address in HRS:
NOTE: Completion deadline is 30 days from notification date.

  • Notification email: upon hire, or completion is required based upon previous completion.
  • Reminder email one: 14 days prior to identified completion date (if not complete)
  • Reminder email two: 7 days prior to identified completion date (if not complete)
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Instructions for Requesting a Course Waiver

A waiver request will only be accepted from the institution's designated contact. It is the institution's responsibility to provide additional information to the employee with alternative information for the course that is being waived.
  • Submit a ticket to UW-Shared Services Service Operations with the following information:
  • Employee name and Empl ID
  • Type of waiver
  • Waived Permanent = employee will never need to complete this course
  • Waived Temporary = employee will be waived from the course for the remaining length of the current enrollment. These individuals will be re-evaluated by the institution prior to the new offering being started to identify if the waive should be renewed.
  • Date of waiver
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Running the Mandatory Employee Training Query

  1. Navigation: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  2. Enter the report title in the search field: UW_HR_MAND_TRAIN_STATUS
  3. Select either HTML or Excel as the report output.
  4. Enter any or all search criteria to limit results, or leave blank to return all results, use the wildcard (%) to indicate partial fields.
    NOTE: The courses used to load historical training results (called Historic) will appear as an option in the course drop-down but no results will appear on the query output.
  5. Click View Results.
  6. Result output information:
    • Tracking is by Empl ID, if an employee has multiple empl record numbers that match the search criteria their information will be listed multiple times.
      For example: Employee has 2 part time jobs at UWSA, one on empl record 0 and one on empl record 1, the search results for UWSA will show the employee listed 6 times, twice each for each course.
    • Status Dates:
      Notified Date - date email was sent to employee.
      Enrolled Date - For T9 course this is the date they started the course. For MR and IS this is the date they completed but did not pass the course (if no completion date) or the date they started the course (if completion date).
      Completed Date - date the course was marked complete in Canvas.
    • Days Since Notification - number of days that have passed since the notification email was sent.
    • Days to Complete - number of days that passed between notification and completion date, will remain zero until completion has been recorded.

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Reviewing Individual Records

  1. Navigation: Administer Training > Student Enrollment > Enroll in Course
  2. Search for employee.
  3. View all rows to find the Course Title to be reviewed.
    NOTE: all course titles that include Historic or Historical are populated with the information received from the institution prior to them going live with the central process administered by UW-Shared Services.
  4. The employee's most recent status for that course is listed in the Attendance field.
  5. The date of the status change is listed in the Status Date field.
  • Click UW Training Details hyperlink to view dates associated with prior attendance changes.

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