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Creating the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Missing Leave Report Automated Emails in HRS


This KB will detail the process for FA/AS/LI employees and their TL Security Primary Time Approvers and Backup Approvers that may receive missing leave report emails on a monthly basis. Employees are required to submit all leave reports for the fiscal year by September 30th of the following fiscal year. Employees who do not submit their missing leave reports before September 30th will have a reduction in their sick leave balance. Time approvers will have until the day prior to the October A payroll occurring to approve of all employee leave entries. An unapproved absence will impact the employee the same as one that is not submitted. Please see the related KB documents below for more information on this process.

Process Considerations:

  • If an employee changes appointment, the approver email will be routed based on the approver at the time the leave was submitted.
  • Employees will continue to receive the missing leave report email until the leave is APPROVED.
  • Both time approvers and backup approvers will receive one monthly email for all submitted and not yet approved leave.  It will not be a separate email for each outstanding approval.
  • Employees with multiple appointments will only receive one monthly email.
  • If an employee worked in the summer during the beginning of the relevant fiscal year that summers leave reporting is also relevant to this reduction process.
  • Payroll coordinators will not receive an email unless they are listed as a time approver or backup approver. 
  • Active and inactive employees will be sent an email if missing a report.
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  1. According to the schedule posted on the AG calls, employees will be sent a missing leave report email from HRS if the employee has one or more missing leave reports for the current or previous fiscal year that are still relevant to a sick leave reduction.
  2. Approximately 7 days later, HRS will send an email to each Primary Time approver and Backup Approver with missing leave approvals for the same population.
  3. The first email below will be sent to employees. The second email below will be sent to approvers using the timeframe stated above.

    employee email

    manager email
  4. The employee deadline for entering previous fiscal year missing leave reports is by September 30th.
  5. The time approver deadline for approving previous fiscal year missing leave reports is the day prior to the October A payroll confirmation. This date will change on an annual basis. Please see the Payroll Calendar for the current year’s date.
  6. If one or more missing leave reports are not submitted and/or approved timely a sick leave reduction will finalize following the October monthly payroll confirmation. This reduction is final unless UWSHR or Madison OHR approval to reverse is granted.
    • The reduction will first process after the September payroll and will be visible on employee’s Projected Balances view. It will not finalize until the October A confirmation as noted above.
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