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Utilizing Approvals Tile


The approvals tile allows you to approve certain transactions that have been configured to be available for approval here. The list of transactions that are available on the approval tile are currently:
  • Absence Request
  • Additional Pay

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You may start by visiting your (UW Madison staff) or portal.  For information on how to add "HRS Approvals" tile to your home page in the portal, please see the KB here.

HRS Approvals

HRS Approvals

  • By clicking anywhere on this tile, you will be taken out of the MyUW Portal and taken into HRS.  
  • You will then see all of the transactions which require your approval.
  • You may filter your transactions to only a certain type by clicking on the transaction type on the left hand side.

Approvals - All Filter Applied

Approval Type:  Absence Request

Approvals - Absenc Requests Filter

  • When you have filtered to only Absence Request, your list will not include any other transaction types.  
  • You will still need to approve these transactions individually by clicking on a row, which will take you to the details screen as shown below.

Approvals - Absence Request Detail

  • You can see details about the transaction here.
  • Click either Approve or Push Back for each transaction.
  • The Absence Request transactions may still be approved using other methods.  See related KBs section for details.  

Approval Type:  Additional Pay

You may have received an email which directed you to the "Pending Approvals" page seen here.  By default, "All" filter will be applied.

When you have filtered to only Additional Pay, your list will not include any other transaction types.  

Approvals - Additional Pay Filter

  • Denying a transaction will require a comment.
  • You will be able to approve transactions en masse by clicking multiple rows and clicking approve only when the Addl Pay filter is applied.
  • It is not recommended to deny transactions en masse as a comment is required and the same comment will be used for all transactions together.

Additional Actions

By clicking on the icon of the three stacked bars in the upper right, you will be able to take additional actions from the pending approvals screen.

Approvals - Additional Actions

Pending Approvals

This is the page that you are brought to by default.  If you have selected another of the options available or completed an en masse approval, you may need to select this option to return to your pending approvals.

Review Approvals

This action would be useful to review transactions for which you are listed as a reviewer and not an approver.  The two transactions that are configured for this page do not have reviewers built into their workflow so you will likely not need to select this option.

Approvals History

You will be able to see a 30 day history of the transactions that you approved here.  

Approvals - Approval History

There are other pages that will show greater than 30 days of history (Workflow Addl Pay Create for Addl Pay and Manager Self Service > View Time > Absence Request History for Absences)

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