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How to Add or Edit Teams for use on the Assignments page in TAM


In TAM, teams are used to associate a group of recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers or interested parties to a job opening. Many recruiting teams have already been configured according to institutional needs. This KB explains how recruiters can set up new teams or modify existing teams.

Process Considerations:

  • Security Role Required: Recruiter

Instructions for Creating a New Team

  1. Navigation:  Recruiting > Administration > Teams.
  2. Click the Add a New Value tab.
  3. Enter the name of the new team in the Description field (30 characters max).
  4. Enter an abbreviated team name in the Short Description field (10 characters max).
  5. Use the Magnifying Glass to search for team members.

    You can search by Empl ID, First Name, Last Name, or Display Name (first name, space, last name).

    Select the correct employee from the search results.
  6. To add more employees click the Plus sign to add a row.
  7. Once all the names have been added to the list, click Save.

  8. After a Team has been added to TAM, it can be selected on a Job Opening Assignments page by clicking on the Add Team button under role you wish to add them to, e.g., Add Recruiting Team.

  9. Check the box next to the team(s) you wish to select and click OK.


    The names of the members of the team will populate.
    NOTE: Only users with the Recruiter security role will populate into the Recruiters section. Only users with he Hiring Manager security role will populate into the Hiring Managers Section.

Instructions for modifying an existing Team

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Administration > Teams.
  2. On the Define Team > Find Existing Value tab, click the Search button.
  3. Select the Team to update.
  4. To delete an existing member from the list, click the Minus sign.
  5. To add a member to a list click the Plussign.
    • Use the Magnifying Glass to search for employee name or Empl ID.
    • Select the correct employee from the search results.
  6. Click Save.

modify existing team

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