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The Workflow Exception Dashboard in HRS


The Workflow Exception Dashboard - WED is a pagelet / portal on the HRS homepage created for approved personnel on campuses and in the UWSS Service Operations to quickly identify queries with errors that need to be rectified in a timely manner to prevent downstream module impacts.

Process Considerations:

  • To view the WED, end users will need to request the UW_UNV_WED security role.
  • Access to individual reports on the WED will based on whether the user has security access to fix the errors housed in the query and if there are errors to fix.
  • The WED will be refreshed nightly.  New errors, when generated, will appear. 
  • In the event an error requires correction to complete the action or assistance is needed from UWSS Service Operations, a WiscIt will need to be created for further review and action taken.  In this instance a user will need to follow these steps:
    • Click the checkbox to Claim the error
    • Click the checkbox for Wiscit, then contact UWSS Service Operations to submit a WiscIt

Browser Recommendations:

  • PeopleSoft tests and certifies web browsers configured with the default security settings as supplied from the browser vendors.  When using the following browsers, it is recommended to have the following version for optimal performance:
    • Firefox:  greater than version 3.6
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:

Adding the WED Dashboard

If you do not see the WED Dashboard on your main screen, you can add the dashboard by following these steps:
  1. Log into HRS
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis icon 3 vertical dots) on the top-right of the page

    WED 3 dots icon
  3. Click Personalize Homepage

    Personalize your home page link
  4. Select the desired homepage on the left menu. Recommended: Administrator Homepage

    Add Home Page Selection
  5. On the top right of your screen, click Add Tile button.
  6. Select PeopleSoft Applications

    Add Tile Button
  7. Select WED Homepage

    Add WED tile to home page
  8. On the top right, click Save.
  9. The WED tile will appear on your home page.  To open the WED, click on the tile shown.

    WED Tile
  10. If the new tile doesn’t appear immediately, try logging out and logging back in and/or clearing your cache before contacting UW Shared Services.

Instructions for the Main WED Page

1.  Login to HRS.  The WED appears directly to the right of the Main Menu.  Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix.

Main Pagelet Replace
2.  To filter the results of the Error Query list further, options appear below. 
WED Search 1

Module = Cast net by specific functional group queries

Priority = All queries by default are sorted High, Medium, Low

Business Unit = filter by campus>

Dept ID = filter by specific Dept ID (must enter full alpha + six digit code)

DeptID (like) = filter by a partial Dept ID to capture larger net at the division level or multiple departments. 

**Once a Filter is saved by the user, it will remain set until it is changed.  Upon logging in again, the filter will display the last search saved. 

3.  To reset the Filter back to the widest possible result, click Clear.  All Error Query results available to you appear based on your security.

Instructions for the Error Summary Detail

1. On the main WED page, to select a query, click link to open.
2.  Each Error Query page lists several things:
  • Error Summary
    • Details about the query and steps to take to fix employee data errors
    • Knowledge Based document link available
    • Link to return to main Dashboard
    • Calendar Icon to SC Payroll Calendar (hovering on the icon displays description = SC Calendar)
WED Error Summary
  • Filters:  Select Filter and click Search button.
    • Business Unit
    • DeptID (1) - Must enter full DEPTID, can use magnifying glass to narrow search
    • DeptID (2) - Enter a partial Dept ID to wild card (Example: N21)
    • Claimed by
    • Completed by
  • Click Clear to reset the Filter back to the widest possible result, click Clear. 
  • Additional button:  Click Refresh, to refresh the page.  Used for troubleshooting, see navigation tips (below)
WED Search 2
  • List of Employees with Errors
    • Further filtering can be done here by clicking the column headings
      • EmplID
      • Empl Rcd
      • Name
      • Department
      • Business Unit
      • Check to Claim
      • Claimed by
      • Claimed Date/Time
      • Check Completed
      • Completed by
      • Completed Date/Time
      • Days on WED
WED Error Claimed By

3.  First click Check to Claim the employee you intend to fix.  Your name and date/time you claimed the error will appear.

  • It is possible to unclaim an error, uncheck the Check to Claim check box.  Your name will be removed.

4.  To fix an employee, click the 'Link to Correct'.  A new page/window will display.  Follow the instructions in the message section of the Error Summary to fix a person.

5.  Upon successfully fixing the Employee, close the open window and return to List of Error Employees.

6.  Click the Completed check box.  Your name and date/time you completed the error will appear.

  • It is possible to uncheck the Completed check box, if you were unable to complete the save.  Your name will be removed.
7.  Upon successful completion of the Employee's error and nightly updates, the Employee will fall off the list.

Instructions for Employee Specific Detail

1. Note in the EmplID column in the Error Summary Detail, there are IDs that are hyper linked.  This denotes that the Employee has multiple errors.

2.  Click the link to detail the multiple errors for one Employee.

Multiple Errors

3.  Here, you have the option to claim / complete / fix  'all' multiple errors for one individual.

Multiple Errors 2

Multiple Errors 3

4. Click the Error ID link to return to to Error Query Summary/Detail. 

Additional Navigation Tips

1.  Click Home link to return to the main WED page
WED Home Icon
2.  The following conditions may create "Page no Longer Available" or similar errors:
  • Use of tabbed browsing.  PeopleSoft applications do not support tabbed browsing.  To open new PeopleSoft windows, users should click the 'New Window' link withing PeopleSoft.
  • Excessive use of the browser back button.  Only PeopleSoft navigation links should be used within PeopleSoft.
  • Multiple browser windows are open with one or more windows exceeding the session timeout.  Re-establish the session by logging in from only one window and closing all other open PeopleSoft windows.
  • Using browser bookmarks to open pages in new windows.  Use only the 'New Window' link within PeopleSoft.
  • Saving while the same page is open in different windows.  Executing a "Save" on one  of the windows and then attempting to navigate via the second window may cause errors.
WED Error Pop Up
This may occur when working the Error Query Summary / Detail page.  If you click to claim an Employee and received the following pop-up, click OK and then click the Refresh button.  This can occur if someone else has already claimed the same employee.

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