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Processing the WED Missing Home Addresses Report in HRS


The UW_HR_MISSING ADDRESSES is an error report created to find employees with missing Home addresses. These errors appear in the WED notifying credentialed users of missing/incorrect employee data and the ability to fix them accordingly in an on-demand basis.

Review employees current W-4 to verify the Home Address, if listed, and enter into Modify a Person. If no W-4 exists, please contact the employee and request a W-4 be completed OR that the Employee enter their address via Employee Self Service.

Process Considerations:

  • The WED is available for credentialed users ONLY and is based on current security roles; queries will be viewable only if users have the ability to fix them.
  • There may be soft warnings that will pop up after clicking Save; please click through these warnings to allow for the Save.
  • Exceptions (including first-year considerations)
    • Employees in a 'No Pay Basis' are not included.
  • For general WED information, see The Workflow Exception Dashboard in HRS
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  1. Log in to HRS, WED Error Queries appear.  Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix:

    Missing Home1
  2. To filter the results of the Error Query list further, options appear below.

    Missing Home2
  • Module = Cast net by specific functional group queries
  • Priority = All queries by default are sorted High, Medium, Low
  • Business Unit = filter by campus
  • Dept ID = filter by specific Dept ID (must enter full alpha + six digit code)
  • DeptID (like) = filter by a partial Dept ID to capture larger net at the division level or multiple departments.
  • Click on UW HR Missing Home Address error query.
  • This query is also accessible from the FLSA WorkCenter, found at Workforce Administration > Job Information > UW FLSA WorkCenter.
  • For more information about the WorkCenter, see KB PD-WorkCenter.
  • Note - there are filters available to narrow your list:  Business Unit, Dept ID, Dept ID (like), Claimed, Completed.
  • Click the 'Check to Claim' check box, your name will appear in the Claimed by Section with the Date and Time noted.

    Step 6 Personal Data
  • Click Link to PERSONAL_DATA_2.
  • Modify a Person > Contact Information Page displays, where Addresses are stored.  Note, no address for Address Type Home.
  • Click + button to add an Address Type/Address.

    Step 9 Add a Row
  • Click Address Type drop down, select HOME.

    Step 11 Add Address Detail
  • Click Add Address Detail link.
  • Enter Effective Date and Country, then click Add Address link.

    Missing Home6
  • Enter appropriate data in fields.  Note: Address Cleansing may auto-populate some fields for you.
  • Click OK.  **Soft warnings may appear, click OK through these warnings.

    Step 14 Edit Address OK
  • Returns to previous screen, click OK. **Soft warnings may appear, click OK through these warnings.

    Step 15 Address History OK
  • Returns to Contact Information page, click Save. **Soft warnings may appear, click OK through these warnings.

    Step 16 Save
  • Close Window.
  • Return to UW HR Missing Home Addresses query page.
  • Click the 'Completed' check box.  Your name will appear in the Completed by Section with the Date and Time noted.

    Missing Home10
  • Click the Home link to return to the main WED page.

  • Click Return to Dashboard link (available on every page) to return to the main WED page

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