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Running the Student Help Payroll Inactivity Recap Report in HRS


This document is intended to explain why the Student Help Payroll Inactivity Process is needed, what the process does, and what potential action is needed.
  • System-wide, in HRS, there are active Student Help Empl Records that have not been paid for many months. The Payroll Inactivity Process automatically identifies and terminates these job records.
  • The goal of this process is to decrease the number of active jobs in the HRS System.
    • Benefits of running this process are:
    • Keep Job Data clean and accurate
    • Prevent payment errors
    • Improve reporting
    • Reduce the addition of unnecessary Employee Records
    • Reduce the need for institutions to manually term inactive records
    • Reduce confusion for Student Help with multiple jobs entering time
    • Reduce run times for large batch processes
    • Improve Payroll / Time and Labor processing time
  • The Payroll Inactivity Process inserts a termination row one day following the last active row in the system.
  • For most jobs, the last active job row is a recent FICA row which may be added each pay period.
  • If the job had earnings during a period after the last active job row, then the Payroll Inactivity Process inserts the termination row effective one day after the pay end date of the last earnings period.

Process Considerations:

  • The Student Help Payroll Inactivity Process runs on a biweekly basis (Thursday night) prior to the first bi-weekly preliminary calc and absence load using the parameter of six months prior to the prior pay period begin date 
  • The Payroll Inactivity Recap Report is automatically generated from this process and routed to the Cypress Inbox
  • This process does not use or look at the EJED. The period of inactivity will override any EJED. 
  • The job name is HRHR_PY_INACTIVITY and the process name is UW_HR_PIR. 
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Payroll Inactivity Recap Report:

The Payroll Inactivity Recap Report will be automatically generated as part of the Payroll Inactivity Process.  This report will be routed to UW Institutions via Cypress Distribution.
  • The report results will provide pertinent employee information:
Business Unit = UW institution
Division = Institution division
Name = Employee name
Empl ID = Employee ID
Empl Rcd# = Employee Job Record Number
Dept ID = Organizational Department ID
Empl Class = Employee Classification
Job Code = Job Code
Effective Date = Effective Date of Term Row
Action = Action on Term Row
Reason = Code 060 (description: SC Use Only-Payroll Inactivity)
Term Date = Last Day Worked/Term Date
Action Date = Date Process Ran
Job Indicator = P: Primary Job; S: Secondary Job
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Reactivating Student Help Jobs

  • If you need to reactivate one of these terminated Student Help Jobs, you can do so by adding a row and using either the Action/Action Reason of Rehire or Termed in Error (use only as a sequenced row with the same Effective Date as the Termination) or Original / New Hire, depending on the situation. 
    • Make sure to use the appropriate Effective Date.
  • If the termination is correct, it is recommended to also remove this employee from the Approver/Back-up Approver’s Manager Self Service. 

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