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Frequently Asked Question Resource for Applicants applying via the Candidate Gateway


The TAM FAQ document includes:
  • FAQ for Applicants
  • Technical Troubleshooting

    Process Considerations:

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    Job Searching

    Do I need to log in to search?
    No, you can view open positions and utilize the search functionality without logging in.
    NOTE: To apply, you will need to register and log in.

    Can I customize my search?
    Yes, you can search by:
    • Key word: Enter a Key Word (e.g., professor).
    • Filters: Use the predetermined filters on the left hand side.

    Can I save searches that I have customized? -or- How can I make sure I find out about new job openings?
    Yes. Click on Save Search to save your customized search criteria. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in. Once logged in, you can name your search for future reference. You also have the option to enter an e-mail address to be notified when new positions that match your search are available. 

    I’m a current UW Employee. Can I apply for a job I see on the UW Careers Web site?
    Current UW employees should apply online through HRS Employee Self Service. This will ensure that your resume is handled appropriately. See KnowledgeBase document How to Apply for a Job On-line (Internal Applicant/Current UW employee) Using TAM.

    Job Postings

    How long are the job postings available?
    It varies by job posting.  Some are only open for a specific time and others are open until the position has been filled.  Generally it is stated in the job posting.

    How frequently are job postings updated?
    Job postings are updated hourly with the addition of new positions and the removal of filled positions.

    Do jobs remain posted after the position has been filled?
    Postings are removed once a job has been filled.

    A job has been posted for a number of months. Is this still open?
    If a position is on the website, it is still open and the hiring manager is seeking candidates.

    I don’t see a job that suits me; can I submit my resume anyway?
    We require that applicants apply to a current job opening.

    Submitting Applications

    How long will it take to apply online?
    If you have a current, up-to-date resume prepared, it should take less than 10 minutes to register and submit your application.  Most applications require additional attachments as well which may affect the time.  All required documents are stated in the job posting.

    Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
    No, you must apply individually for each posting, and doing so allows you a great advantage. Each job is created with different qualifications. Your application should be adjusted to address the different requirements of each job.

    Do I have to answer all of the questions?
    To fully portray your education, skills and experience, it is best to complete every question to make sure we have all your qualifications.

    Can I copy/paste my resume instead of uploading it into the form?
    No. After you select a job and click the “Apply Now” button, you will be asked to ‘Upload a resume’ file.

    Are there any rules about attaching files?
    Please use your own name when you title the document (e.g. Jane Doe Resume) and do not use any special characters, such as () [] {} - , ‘ ; / \ ! : @ # $ % ^ & * = + : ? < . >. 
    Additionally, there is a 64 maximum character limit for the file attachment name.  The 64 character limit includes spaces.

    Can I e-mail or mail you my resume?
    Most jobs require you to apply online; the online application system is an easy and quick way to apply from any Internet-ready computer, tablet or smart phone. You can use a computer for free, and perhaps even get some help, at almost all libraries and job centers. If you need to email or mail a resume, please follow the contact information listed on the Job Posting.

    Do I have to re-enter my information every time I apply? -or- I applied for a job yesterday. I saw another job that I want to apply for today. Will I have to fill out all my information again?
    If you have already submitted an application in the past, the profile information you entered will populate into your new application so you do not have to re-enter the same information every time you apply.

    Submitted Applications

    What happens to my application after I submit it?
    Once you apply, there will be a confirmation message on the page. You will also receive an e-mail confirming submission of your application. (If you do not see the e-mail, it may have been blocked by your e-mail security.) All applications received are reviewed and screened against position qualifications and to ensure all required documents are submitted. If your application meets these requirements, it will be forwarded to the hiring manager for review. Hiring managers will contact candidates who best meet position requirements.

    How do I know if my application was submitted correctly?
    When you have completed your online application, click Submit Application.
    • Check for the “You have successfully submitted your job application” message.
    • The job will be listed in the Applications section with Submitted in the Status column on the My Job Application page.
    • You will receive an automated e-mail confirming that your application has been submitted successfully. (If you do not see the e-mail, it may have been blocked by your e-mail security.)
    However, all required materials stated in the specific job posting you are applying to must be submitted with your application to be complete.

    How do I view previous applications and cover letters?
    From the Careers Home page, click on My Job Applications. All applications will be displayed that you have applied for, to review or complete an application click on the Job Title. Resumes, cover letters and other attachments appear at the bottom of the page.

    Can I update an application once it has been submitted?
    Once you have submitted an application, you will not be able to change the information. The only information that can be changed is your profile, such as address, e-mail and phone number.  For any other updates, please inform the designated contact person listed in the job posting.

    Will my submitted application be considered for other open positions?
    It may, but you will greatly improve your chances by applying.
    To be notified of new postings, set up a Save Search in your areas of interest and select the box to 'Notify me when a new job meets my criteria'. Once you have created an account it is very quick and easy to apply for new postings.

    How can I find the status of my application?
    Click My Job Applications on the home page. This will bring up a listing of each of the positions you have applied for and their status.

    I have been notified that I have a job offer to view online, how do I view it?
    Once you are signed into the system, click on the My Job Notifications link and you will be taken to the Notification page which will include available job offers if they are posted online.

    Error Messages and Technical Issues

    Why am I receiving an error message that my email address has already been used?
    A unique email address, irrespective of the letter case, must be used for each user. If you already have an account but are unsure of the username or password, you can request they be sent to you. If you share an email address, you can create a new free email address to use for registering.

    I am receiving a message stating “You have a previous saved but unsubmitted application for this job...Please select My Job Applications to return to your application.”, but I have not applied. What do I do?
    You may have started to apply for the job, but potentially a blip occurred with the connection and the system saved your application in a draft status. To determine if this is true follow these steps:
    1. Click OK.
    2. Navigate to My Job Applications by clicking the link.
    3. Look for the job title of the job for which you want to apply.
    4. If the job is listed there with the Status of Not Applied, then click on the job title link to be brought back into the application where you can complete and submit it.
    5. If the job is not listed there, then please contact the person listed in the job posting details for assistance.

    I am seeing the message "Warning - Preferred Work Location 1st choice and 2nd choice should not be the same. (1000,3)" What do I do?
    This message appears when you have selected the same institution as the answer to question 10 on the Employment Preferences section of the application. To fix this, go to the Preferences (optional) step in the application and change one of the answers in question 10 ("I would prefer a work location in or around")

    I am getting a message on my page that says, "This page is no longer available. To continue, return to your most recent active page or select one of the navigation icons in the header above." but nothing happens when I do that. What can I do?
    Please close your browser window (X out of the window), reopen and log back into the UW Careers site.
    Helpful Tip: Try using the Action Menu (aka the 'hamburger' menu) in the upper right corner to navigate between pages.

    I can get to the View Current Job Postings and Apply Online page, but when I click on it, I receive an “Error 500--Internal Server Error From RFC 2068
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:10.5.1 500 Internal Server Error”. Now what?
    Log out of your browser (i.e., Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.), completely and try again.

    The screen looks odd and I can't see the whole page. What's wrong?
    Most likely your monitor's resolution is set to 800x600. For ease of use with this online application system, we recommend a screen resolution setting 1024x768 or higher. This setting is typically found under “My Computer>Control Panel>Display>Settings>Screen Area” on most computers.

    I can get to the UW Careers Web site; however, I am unable to access the online application system. Now what?
    Please make sure your browser pop-up blocker is turned off. Or, our system may be down at times for maintenance and/or other technical support issues. If you are unable to access the online system, please try again at another time.

    I am having a problem using the browser's Back button to get to a prior page. It keeps returning me to the same page, what do I do?
    Do not use your browser's "back," "forward" or "refresh" buttons to navigate the online employment site. This may cause unexpected results, including loss of data or being logged out of the system. We recommend using the Action Menu (aka the 'hamburger' menu) in the upper right corner to navigate between pages or using only the navigational buttons within the site ( i.e., Return to Previous Page, Next).


    Who can I contact if I need assistance due to a disability?
    If you need assistance completing this application because of a medical condition that may qualify as a disability under the American Disabilities Act, please contact the campus' human resources department.

    Who can I contact if I have other questions?
    If you have questions about the hiring process or working at UW, please contact the campus' human resources department or the contact person listed in the job posting directly.

    How do I notify you of a change in address or phone number?
    You may update your contact information (address, phone, e-mail, etc.) by returning to the applicant homepage and logging in with your username and password. Click the My Account Information link. From there, you may change your address, phone number, e-mail address or your name.

    What if I can't remember my username and/or password?
    On the Sign In page click the link for Forgot User Name or Forgot Password, fill in the required information and you will receive an email with name/password. You have 5 attempts to log in, if you are not successful you will be locked out until you reset your password using the Forgot Password process.Our system utilizes Password Masking. This means when entering a minimum of 8 characters into the Password field and then tabbing out, only 3 characters appear (***). This helps prevent spoofing of passwords. The full Password you enter remains accurate even though only three dots display.

    How do I change my password?
    To change your password, sign in on the Careers page. Click on the My Account Information link. Next, click on the Change Password link to enter a new password. Password requirements are: minimum of 8 characters and must include 1 number, 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, and 1 special character. Our system utilizes Password Masking.  This means when entering a minimum of 8 characters into the Password field and then tabbing out, additional dots appear. This helps prevent spoofing of passwords.  The full Password you enter remains accurate even though only three dots display.

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