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Applying an Existing Applicant to a Job Opening in TAM


If you find an applicant who is qualified for a specific job opening and should be considered, you can apply the applicant to that job opening.
Recruiter security roles have access to link an applicant to a job opening.

Process Considerations:

  • Using an existing Job Opening application to link the applicant to a new opening will result in duplicate attachments in TAM.  Thus, if changes are made to the applicant's application attachments, the changes are applied to both job openings.
  • 9.2 warning signUse Linking with caution:
    • When a user links an applicant to a job opening that includes a questionnaire, the system will send an email with a link inviting the applicant to use Candidate Gateway to submit a new application for the job opening.
    • Because submitted applications are never editable in Candidate Gateway, an applicant who has been linked to a job with a questionnaire cannot edit the existing application to answer the questions. Instead, the applicant is invited to create a new application, effectively reapplying for the job opening that is already linked to the applicant's record resulting in two applications for the same job opening.
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  1. Navigate to the Applicants, either through Search Job Opening or Search Applications. See KB Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM  or Recruiting Home Page in TAM, for additional information.
  2. Search for the applicant using appropriate search criteria, then click the Search button.
  3. Click the applicant's name to open the Manage Applicant page for that applicant.
  4. To add a new application (resume, cover letter, etc.), click the Add Applicationlink in the page header and enter the application details. Skip to step 10.
  5. To reuse an existing application (including resume, cover letter, etc.), click the Application icon on the row with the application to reuse.

    9.2 warning signAs stated above under Process Considerations, use Linking with caution.  It will link the applicant to a new opening and will result in duplicate attachments in TAM.  Thus, if changes are made to the applicant's application attachments, the changes are applied to both job openings.
  6. From the Process Application section of the Manage Application page, click Other Actions > Applicant Actions > Link Applicant to Job.
  7. In the Link Applicant to Job Opening window, enter or search for the new Job Opening(s).
  8. If the selected job opening is no longer posted, you will receive a warning message but will be able to continue.
  9. If the selected job opening has an associated applicant questionnaire, change the default Disposition to Linked Questionnaire.
    • This disposition indicates that the application does not include the job opening’s questionnaire, which can only be completed when the applicant applies using Candidate Gateway.
    • If the applicant reapplies based on the invitation that the system sends, the new application remains separate from the original linked application, and both the applicant and the recruiter see two separate applications for the job opening.
  10. Click the Link button.
  11. The Job Opening will now appear on the Applicant Activity.

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