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Managing Applicant Lists in TAM


Applicant lists are manually-constructed groups of applicants that recruiters can use to facilitate the recruiting process. Recruiters can add applicants to a list and then perform tasks for one, several, or all applicants on the list at the same time.

Process Considerations:

  • Only TA Coordinators and Recruiters have access to applicant lists.
  • Lists can be public or private.
  • The creator of an applicant list is the owner of the list. The list owner is the only user with access to private lists.
  • Anyone with access to the applicant list pages has access to public lists.
  • Anyone with access to a list can view the list, take actions on the applicants, add applicants to the list, and view primary list information (the list name, its active/inactive status, and whether the list is public), however, only the list owner can update the primary list information.
You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


  1. Navigation: Recruiting > Applicants Lists
  2. The Applicant Lists page displays only lists that you created.
  3. To view all lists, click the Display drop down list.
  4. Select All Lists.
  5. Click the Refresh button. You must refresh the page after changing the display option.
  6. Click on the name of the list that you would like to view.

    applicant list
  7. The Manage Applicant List page lists the included applicants, information and action buttons.
  8. Use the Find Applicant field to search for a specific applicant.
    • Enter the desired information into the Find Applicant field.
    • Click the Go button.
    • The applicant list is filtered to display only applicants who meet your search criteria.
  9. You can perform several actions on an individual including Add Note, and Forward Applicant. In the Other Actions drop down list you can also Add Applicant to List, Change Applicant Status and Send Correspondence.
    NOTE: You can also perform actions on a select group of individuals on the list all at once by marking them with a check and using Group Actions at the bottom of the page.

    find applicants
  10. Click the Edit List Details to make list changes, such as change the name of a list, make it active or inactive, change whether it is a public or private list, or update the description.
    • Click the Save button when you are finished making changes
  11. NOTE: only the owner of the list can make changes to the list details

    edit list details
  12. To return to the page that shows all applicant lists, click the Return hyperlink.

Creating a New List

  1. Navigation: Recruiting > Applicant Lists
  2. Click the Create New List hyperlink.

    create list hyperlink
  3. Enter the List Name (i.e.Accountants).
  4. Enter a Description, optional.
  5. Enter the List status of Active.
  6. Select the box next to Public if you wish to make this list public.  For private lists, leave this box unchecked.
  7. Click the Save button.

    create applicant list

Adding Applicants to a List

  1. Navigation: Recruiting > Applicant Lists
  2. Click the Search Applicants hyperlink.

    search applicants hyperlink
  3. Enter search parameters to find the desired applicant(s) and click the Search button.
  4. Locate the applicant whom you want to add to the list. Click Other Actions > Applicant Actions > Add Applicant to List.
    NOTE: You can add several applicants to a list at the same time by selecting multiple rows from the search results and then select Group Actions.

    search applications add to list
  5. Select the list that you would like to add the applicant(s).

    Add Applicant to List
  6. The selected applicant has been added to the list.

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