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Entering an Adjusted Continuous Service Date in HRS


This procedure outlines the process of making changes to the Adjusted Continuous Service Date (Adj Cont Serv Dt, ACSD). Adjusted Continuous Service Date is the total years of employment with the UW System or the State, in employment that is eligible to earn sick leave. All WRS covered employees must have an ACSD entered in HRS.

Process Considerations:

  • There is only one Adj Cont Serv Dt per employee although employees can have multiple Jobs.  HR Professionals will need to understand the implications of maintaining the correct ACSD in HRS.
  • For transfers from another state agency, the correct Adj Cont Serv Dt should be obtained from the Personnel Transfer Record (PTR).  You can also obtain the correct ACSD by contacting the other institution/agency or looking the information up on the ETF One system.
  • The Absence Management process requires an Adj Cont Serv Dt for University Staff Ongoing employees and University Staff Project - FT Finite  employees. If the ACSD is blank for an employee when a pay period is processed, the Absence Management record will never be available for that pay period. Changing the Adj Cont Serv Dt will not automatically trigger absence to recalculate vacation allocation. Please contact UW-Shared Services if an absence trigger needs to be set.
  • Employee Trust Funds (ETF) requires Adj Cont Serv Dt for all WRS covered employees and is used in sick leave certification.
  • Adj Cont Serv Dt can also be viewed on Job Data by clicking the Employment Data link.
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  1. Navigate to Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person
  2. Search for employee (Enter the Empl ID for the employee, or search by Name, or Last Name)
  3. If necessary, select the employee from the search results
  4. Click the UW Personal tab
  5. Enter the appropriate date in the Adj Cont Svc Dt field.
  6. Click on Save
Entering an Adjusted Continuous Service Date

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