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Absence Management Queries in HRS


Pre-formatted reports (called Queries) have been developed in HRS to help you pull information for multiple employees from tables across modules. This eliminates the need to look up each individual employee's information. This procedure explains how to run Absence Management query reports.
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How to Run a Query

  1. Navigate to:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.

  2. Enter the name of the query if known or enter a partial string using the % sign to perform a search of all Absence Management queries as shown below.

    Query Viewer

  3. There are three ways to run a query: HTML, Excel or Schedule.  (Hint: you can use the "Add to Favorites" feature to keep a list of your most used queries.)

    • Note: The XML option is also available but not often used.

    Query Viewer run types

Run to HTML

  1. Click the HTML link. This option executes the query and displays the results at the bottom of the page. 

  2. Some queries may prompt the user for Run Control parameters.  This helps define the information you wish to retrieve.  The screen print below shows a prompt page for the UW_AM_ABS_NOT_APPRVD_FAASLI query.  For this particular query, the Run Control parameters required are the Department ID as well as Begin and End Dates.  The magnifying glass will provide a list if you need to look up the specific value to enter.

    Run to HTML

  3. Once you have entered your Run Control parameters, press the ‘View Results’ button.  The query results will display at the bottom of the page.

    Query results

Run to Excel

  1. Click the Excel link. This option executes the query and writes results to an Excel spreadsheet.  Depending on your browser, a pop up window will open allowing the options of saving the file, opening the file in Excel, or canceling the query.

Run to Schedule

  1. The schedule option allows you to schedule a query to run a specific day or time. To schedule a query, click the schedule link next to the query you want to run.

  2. Set the Run Control parameters on the Run Control page. You can search for an existing run control or create a new one.

    Schedule RC

  3. Once the Run Control has been entered, the run control page for the UW_AM_UNPAID_ABSENCES will be displayed.  Enter the Run Control parameters.

    RC Values

  4. Click the OK button to continue.  The Run Control parameters will be displayed.  At this time you can modify your Run Control parameters by clicking on the "Update Parameters" hyperlink. 

    Schedule Update Parameters

  5. Enter a description for your query.  Then click OK to continue.

  6. You will be redirected to the Process Scheduler Request page.  Enter the following parameters:

    • Enter the Run Date you want the query to execute
    • Enter the Run Time you want the query to execute
    • Leave all other parameters as is.
    • Check the box next to the Process name for the query you wish to execute.
    • Click the OK button to create the schedule request.

    Process Scheduler

  7. To verify that the process has been scheduled, click on the Process Monitor link in the top right corner.  This page lists displays all processes, reports, and queries that you have requested to run.  You can set how many days up to 99 to retrieve results.  Once the specified Date and Time you have set to run the query is reached, the query will be executed and the Run Status will be changed to Success and Distribution Status to Posted.

    Query Process Monitor

  8. Once the process has completed you can access the results by clicking the Detatils hyperlink.  This will take you to the View Log/Trace page.  Click the hyperlink for the report to open it.

    Query LogTrace

Listing of Absence Management Queries

  • To get the most up-to-date list of Absence Management queries and what they do, please run the public query named UW_RPT_QUERY_CATALOG with the Query folder of UNV_AM%

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