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Running the Encumbrance Year End Closeout Process in HRS


To meet University business requirements of Fiscal Year End close, encumbrance balances that exist at the end of the fiscal year need to be fully liquidated. The PeopleSoft HR system does not have a process to fully liquidate these encumbrances at year end. As these remaining encumbrance balances are managed and easily accessed in HRS, the most effective solution determined for this requirement is to derive amounts from IFC table and create final liquidation entries for interfacing to SFS. “FYE Encumbrance Close” process looks at rows on IFC table for the current fiscal year for each unique Emplid, Empl_Rcd, Account, Deptid, Fund_Code, Program_Code and Project_Id for the remaining balance through that date and adds an offsetting amount row for the non-zero balance by creating transactions on GL_GEN_HISTORY and HR_ACCTG_LINE to zero out the encumbrance balances. The process is run once a year by the SC finance team (Batch ID UW_BAT_FI_FYE2) as part of their fiscal year end process.

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  1. Prior to running Encumbrance Closeout processes please make sure that that journal line reference on PS_UW_FI_ACTLN_IFC matches with EMPLID, EMPL_RCD on the table.  Example: HRS-56993, HRS-48394, HRS-46404.  (Encumbrance Closeout word document on S drive under Finance > Projects > FYE project has SQLs that should help identify rows with discrepancy).
  2. Navigate to Setup HRMS > Product Related > Commitment Accounting > Process Encumbrance > FYE Encumbrance Close

    • Encumbrance Closeout Process consist of App Engine. 
    • The process (UW_FI_ENC_CL) looks at each unique Emplid, Empl_Rcd, Account, Deptid, Fund_Code, Program_Code and Project on the IFC table for remaining balance and then uses exact same amount to create an off-setting amount.  The process will create lines for these off-setting amounts on GL_GEN_HISTORY and HR_ACCTG_LINE. The FYE batch id of UW_BAT_FI_FYE2 is used for this process.
    • Journal Mod (UW_FI_GLINFC) will then create encumbrance journals to zero out encumbrance balances.  Regular finance team batch id (UW_BAT_FI) is used to run journal mod process.

  3. Select or Create a Run Control - see Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS

  4. Enter the fiscal year for which you are closing encumbrances for

  5. Enter the Run Date - in HRS this is the Saturday AFTER the date when you run Encumbrance closeout process (actual run date?. This is because we do not want to create encumbrance lines on HR_ACCTG_LINE along with Direct Retros lines for that same date. Using the Saturday date will keep Encumbrance lines separate in creating a distinct unique RUN_DT and JOURNAL_DATE.

  6. Click Run

  7.  Complete the steps to schedule and monitor the process - see Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS

Run HRS-SFS Journal Modifications

Running this process will ensure the updates can be interfaced to SFS.
  1. Navigate to Payroll for North America > Payroll Distribution > Provide GL Information> HRS-SFS Journal Modifications

  2. Use finance team batch id UW_BAT_FI to run this process

  3. Search for BT_FI_UW_FI_GLINFC_ENC

  4. Select the Encumbrance Run radio button. 

  5. Enter the Accounting Posting Date.  - The accounting posting date will be the UW_FI_ENC_CL run date.  Use the spyglass icon to view valid dates.  Check the Insert into SFS Interface Table check box (will default to checked).  Do not mark either of the Rerun check boxes when running Journal Mods for the first time.

  6. Select Bypass Reconciliation check box. 

  7. Click Run

  8. Verify Encumbrance GL Interface (UW) process checkbox is selected.

  9. Click OK

  10. Complete the steps to schedule and monitor the process - see Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS

  11. Remove date from run control used above : BT_FI_UW_FI_GLINFC_ENC and save with blank Accounting Posting Date.

NOTE: After Encumbrances are interfaced to SFS, there is a SFSPST and EDT Load Process to run.  These processes will be run by batch as part of Nightly Finance Stream.

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