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This procedure provides an overview of employee search options in Time and Labor. While it is possible to search for individual employees, it is also possible to do group searches in Time and Labor pages to locate timesheets, approve exceptions, and approve payable time. Group searches are based on role security. For example, a Supervisor has fewer employees returned in a group search than a Payroll Coordinator. This is because the Supervisor will only see the employees assigned to them. In a similar way, a Payroll Coordinator will only see the employees assigned to them, and the number of assigned employees will depend on whether the Payroll Coordinator serves a whole campus or only a department or division.
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To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your search criteria or use the look-up icon to select your employees. You may enter a specific Employee ID (Empl ID), search for an employee by Last Name and First Name, or search by Group ID.
  2. If you want to select the group of employees assigned to you, use the Group ID look-up. The Group ID search is based on the following:
    • "A" Static Groups - Payroll Coordinator
    • "B" Static Groups - UW Supervisor
    • "C" Static Groups - UW Supervisor Backup
    • "D" Static Groups - Non UW Supervisor
    • "E" Static Groups - Non UW Supervisor Backup
  3. Groups A-E are formed based on the data that is entered on the Creating and Maintaining Time and Labor Security in HRS page in Time and Labor. These groups contain all of the employees for which you are assigned as either the Payroll Coordinator, Supervisor/Supervisor Backup, or Non UW Supervisor/Non UW Supervisor Backup.

    These groups can be identified as Static groups in the Group Look-up and should be used in most cases since these are your direct reports. These groups only contain the people for whom you have been identified on the TL Security Page.

    You may have multiple groups assigned depending on your TL Security Page Setup. For example, if you're the Payroll Coordinator for your division, but also supervise and also serve the role of a Backup Supervisor, you would have 3 groups from the above listing created: "A" Static Payroll Coordinator Group, "B" Static Supervisor Group, and "C" Static UW Supervisor Backup Group.

    These groups are not driven from your department security. If you are the Supervisor in the BioChem Department (A073000) but also supervise students in Chemistry (A481500), you may have employees from both departments in your "B" Static Supervisor Group provided you are listed as the Supervisor for those employees on the TL Security Page.

    In the example below, the Group ID reflects the employee has an "A" Static Group as a Payroll Coordinator, a "B" Static Group as a Supervisor of other employees, and a "C" Static Group as a Supervisor Backup.

    Look Up Value

  4. "F" Dynamic Groups are Payroll Coordinators based on department security.  Group F is only created if you also have one of the "A" - "E" groups. Its a Dynamic group and will contain everyone who is in that department. This group is reserved for those who have specific HR security access.  If your HR security is for A481000, you will only see people in A481000 in this group. For example, if you are a Payroll Coordinator for A171000, you would see everyone in A171000 in this group even if you aren't assigned as the Payroll Coordinator on all of the employees' TL Security Pages.

    If you are set up with security to see employees for all UW System Institutions or all employees at a specific Institution, then you will not have an F Group ID.  Instead you will have access to a Dynamic Group ID associated to your security access.  For example, if you're set up with UW System security (able to see all UW System employees) you will have access to the Dynamic Group ID of 'UWS'.  Some one who is setup with UW Milwaukee security (able to see all UW Milwaukee employees) will have access to the Dynamic Group ID 'UWMIL' and so forth.

  5. In the example below, because the employee has one of the A-E Static Groups assigned, the employee also sees an "F" Dynamic Group.

    Dynamic F Group
  6. You may also do look ups or narrow the look-up parameters by including Business Unit, Job Code, Department, and Workgroup. If you have employees at more than one location, you could choose Business Unit to narrow your selection by Institution. You can further limit the search by choosing Department. If you're responsible for a specific type of employee, you can further limit the search by choosing a workgroup for University Staff or student employees for example. If you use the same search each time, you may save your commonly used search under the Manager Search Options. Please refer to user procedure Creating Custom MSS Time Management User Preferences in HRS for how to set up those options.
  7. In the example below, the search criteria includes the Last Name of "JONES," the Business Unit of "UWEAU," and the Workgroup of "STH00NPP00."  Once you have your parameters entered, click the Get Employees button.

    Search input:

    Search Input
    Search result:

    Search Result

  8. This completes the steps for this procedure.

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