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Running a Query to Identify Employees with Payroll Default Funding (PRDFLT) in HRS


After the Payroll Confirmation has been completed for the current Pay Run ID, you can run a finance query to identify employees whose payroll funding went to PRDFLT (Payroll Default) because funding errors were not corrected in time. The PRDFLT funding chartfield will display in WISER as: Fund 128, Funding Department PRDFLT, Program Code 1 for the employee's appointing department.

To correct payroll default funding retroactively for employees identified on the query results, non-Madison campus users will need to create a Direct Retro Funding Distribution in PeopleSoft HRS. Madison campus users will need to use the Salary Cost Transfer web-based form and routing system to correct the funding retroactively for employees listed on the query results.

Process Considerations:

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Running Query to Identify Employees with Payroll Default Funding After Payroll Confirmation

  1. Navigation path:  Reporting Tools Query >  Query Viewer.
  2. Accessible from the Finance WorkCenter found at Payroll for North America>Payroll Distribution>Commitment Accounting USA>UW Finance WorkCenter. For more information about the WorkCenter, see KB Setting Up a WorkCenter in HRS .
  3. In the Query Viewer search screen, enter some or all of the query name (UW_FI_VIEW_DFLT_FUNDING).
  4. Click Search.
  5. In the Query Viewer, Search Results screen, click the HTML link to run the query results in a new browser window/tab.

    payroll default query

  6. Three required search fields will display in the new window/tab:

    a. Pay Run ID: Enter the desired Pay Run ID.  If unknown, click on the lookup icon to choose from a list of valid Pay Run IDs. 
    To see a list of Pay Run IDs for calendar year, refer to the Calendar Year Pay Schedules.
    warning symbol  In order to return query results, the Payroll Confirmation must have been completed for the specified Pay Run ID

    b. Business Unit: Select the 5-character campus Business Unit abbreviation (e.g. UWMIL).
    Note: You can use the percent character % as a wildcard to run for all Business Units, if your HRS Security allows you to do so.

    c. Appointing Dept: Enter all or part of the 7-character appointing department which starts with your campus alpha code identifier (e.g. B110300). If a partial appointing dept is entered, you must use the percent character (%) as a wildcard (e.g. B11% or B1103%).
    Note: You can also enter the percent character  %   to run for all appointing departments.

    9.2 Payroll default search fields 
  7. To view query results, click the View Results button.
  8. To download results to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, select the appropriate Download Results hyperlink

warning symbolWarning: If you receive the message, "No matching values were found," one of three conditions has occurred:
    (1) You neglected to enter information in all three required search fields (Pay Run ID, Business Unit, Appointing Dept).
    (2) Your HRS Security access does not allow you to view query results.
    (3) Your campus, division, department does not have any employees who had payroll funding errors for the specific Pay Run ID. No further action is needed.

9.2 Payroll default query results

Change PRDFLT Funding to Correct Funding

Each employee listed on the query results needs to have their PRDFLT funding corrected for the affected Pay Run ID.

1.  Non-Madison campus users should create a Direct Retro Funding Distribution in PeopleSoft HRS for all employees identified on the query results. For detailed instructions, refer to HRS KnowledgeBase document Entering Direct Retro Funding Distribution in HRS .

2.  UW-Madison campus users would use the Salary Cost Transfer web tool to start the approval and workflow process to correct PRDFLT funding for employees listed on the query results.

Change Employee's Current Funding on Funding Data Entry Page in HRS

You also need to change the employee's current payroll funding in HRS on the Funding Data Entry page to prevent the PRDFLT funding on future Pay Run IDs. For information on how to change salary funding for an employee, refer to KB Adding or Changing Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense in HRS .

NOTE:  Employees will continue to appear on the UW_FI_VIEW_DFLT_FUNDING query even after a Direct Retro Funding Distribution or Salary Cost Transfer is created and processed because this query does not receive updated payroll data.

Verify that Updated Payroll Funding was Processed and Posted

To view and verify that updated payroll funding was processed and posted correctly, log into WISER, UW's data warehouse for system financials.

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