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Entering Contract Administration in HRS


This procedure explains the process to store and maintain contract dates for employees. Some positions and jobs have contractual periods beyond one fiscal year and are not tracked with an Expected Job End Date (EJED). Some positions that may use the Contract Administration pages include the initial review period for Tenure Track Faculty, Multiple Year or Fixed Renewable employees who have a Guaranteed Length of job.

Process Considerations:

  • Contracts are linked by Person, therefore, it is important to note the position number within the Contract pages to ensure the link between Job/Position and Person exists. Contract Administration is not to be used for the full Tenure Tracking; Faculty Events (Workforce Development>Faculty Events).  See Entering Tenure Tracking in HRS
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    1. Review Contract Information to determine if the employee has any current contracts.
    2. Using the following Navigation Path: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Contract Administration > Update Contracts Enter Empl ID and click Search.

           All contracts will display


           "No matching values were found" will display if there are no contracts set up

    3. If there are contracts shown, review to validate that they are not a duplicate of the data you have been provided. If it is not a duplicate of any existing contracts, select the Add a New Value tab and Add a new Contract Number.

      Update Contracts screenshot

    4. If there are NO contracts, you will see "No matching values were found."  Click the Add a New Value tab, then Add to create the new Contract.

      Add a new value screenshot

      No matching values found screenshot

    5. Complete the appropriate fields:

      Contract Begin Date Contract Expected End Date Comment (If provided) Contract Content - Enter "Position #xxxxxxxx"

      contract begin date screenshot
    6. Click the Contract Type/Clauses tab and select one of the Contract Types (LI, FA, AS, OT).

      Contract types image
    7. Click Save.
    8. After the New Contract has been set up, update the Contract information in Job Data. Navigation Path:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data Search by Empl ID. If more than one Empl Rcd is displayed, select the Empl Record associated with the Contract. Click the Job Information tab and review Contract Number section:

      Contract number image
    9. Evaluate the last Row entered to determine if a new Row can be added for the Tenure Contract information with today's date. If there is a current Row with today's date, a new sequence number must be added. Changes to Tenure Contract information do not affect pay.  A new Row is added so the Tenure Contract added in the prior steps can be added or updated on the Job Information page.

      a.  To add the new row, click on the Work Location tab and click the + sign to add a new row
      b.  Create a new record with today's date
      c.  Choose the Action of "Data Change"
      d.  Choose the Reason of "Job Data Update Misc"

      Job Information Image
    10. Select the Job Information tab.  Click the magnifying glass next to Contract Number and choose the Contract Number you created:

      Message one image
    11. Click Save. You will receive a message if you created a row with today's date:

      message two image
    12. Click OK.
      You will receive the following message if you are creating a row with a different Contract Number:

      message three image
    13. Click Yes.

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