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Action/Action Reason Codes Used in HRS


This job aid may be used by all staff who add, modify or terminate positions or job data with action/action reason codes. The list of action/action reason codes is quite extensive and in some cases, very unique to specific situations, employment classes, or union contracts. The first list contains all active Action Action/Reason Codes. Other files are divided by "action" and then the action reasons are listed with descriptions that will guide the end user to selecting the appropriate combination.
For data integrity purposes, end users should utilize this reference document to ensure the appropriate action/action reason is identified within HRS.

Action Reason Codes

Click on a link below to view a .pdf document with the Action/Action Reason codes and the brief explanation of usage within HRS:

COVID-19 and Furlough Action/Action Reason Codes

  • Leave of Absence - Emergency FMLA Expansion
  • Paid Leave of Absence - Emergency FMLA Continuous
  • Paid Leave of Absence - FMLA Intermittent
  • Data Change - Furlough Intermittent
  • Data Change - Furlough Consecutive
  • Data Change - Return from Furlough
  • For employees with Positions:
    • Position Change - Temp Work Reduction/FTE-COVID
    • Position Change - Restore TmpWrk Reduction-COVID
  • For employees without a Position:
    • Data Change - Temp Work Reduction/FTE-COVID
    • Data Change - Restore TmpWrk Reduction-COVID
  • Pay Rate Change - Temp Voluntary Reduction-COVID
  • Pay Rate Change - End Voluntary Reduction-COVID
  • Pay Rate Change - Temp Involuntary Reduct-COVID
  • Pay Rate Change - End Involuntary Reduct-COVID
  • Correct Pay Rate - Temp Voluntary Reduction-COVID
  • Correct Pay Rate - End Voluntary Reduction-COVID
  • Correct Pay Rate - Temp Involuntary Reduct-COVID
  • Correct Pay Rate - End Involuntary Reduct-COVID
  •  Data Change to convey a percentage salary reduction
    • Data Change - COVID Salary Reduction-%Type1
    • Data Change - COVID Salary Reduction-%Type2
    • Data Change - COVID Salary Reduction-%Type3
    • Data Change - COVID Salary Reduction-%Type4
    • Data Change - Restore COVID Salary%Reduction
  • Rehire to convey Reassignment
  • Transfer to convey Reassignment

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