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Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS


Creating a Run Control is a preliminary step that must be completed before you run any process or report in HRS. A run control is a reusable code created by an HRS end user that allows them to set the parameters for running a report or process as well as launch it in the system. When paired with your Empl_ID and running a report or process, a unique Process Instance is created that can be tracked within the system.

It's recommended that you create and save a new Run Control ID for each specific process or report so that you can reuse that same Run Control ID each time that process or report is run. The next time you then select that Run Control ID from your drop down list, all your parameters from the last time the process or report was run will have been saved for you. Once you complete this series of steps, you will be able to run that report or process as often as you would like using this Run Control ID without repeating these steps.

Process Considerations:

  • Some Run Control IDs are used only in Batch Processing.  Batch Processing is a series of processes, reports, and queries that automatically run based on a specific schedule.  These Run Control IDs have already been created and do not require any manual input from an end user.
  • You cannot delete Run Control IDs once they have been created - however you can modify them at any time.
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  1. Log into HRS and navigate to the report or process you wish to run.  In this example, we will use the Age 65 report.  When you click on the menu item the Run Control ID page will open. The name of the report you have chosen to run will be visible at the top of the screen.
  2. To create a new Run Control ID, click the Add a New Value tab.

    Add a New Value
  3. Type the name of your chosen Run Control ID in the field.

    Note: Run Control IDs can be any set of alphanumeric characters.  You can have a Run Control ID specific to each process or report you run, or you can run all reports and processes using the same Run Control ID.  (To avoid any possible conflicts associated with some special characters, do not use characters such as apostrophes, dollar signs, dashes, commas, etc.) 
  4. Click the Add Button to add your Run Control ID name.

    Add a New Value Add Button
  5. If there are any report or process parameters that need to be specified prior to running the process or report, a pop up screen will open allowing you to choose the appropriate parameters for your report or process.  You can now click the Run button to run your report or process.

    Report Parameters
  6. The Run Control ID with those specifications have now been saved.  This will allow you to search for the saved Run Control ID using the Find an Existing Value tab.
  7. Navigate back to the report menu and now click on Find an Existing Value.

    Find an Existing Value
  8. You can either enter your Run Control ID in the Search box, or click the Search button to search for your value.
  9. If you clicked the Search button, you should see a list of all existing Run Control ID's that you have previously set up.
  10. Locate and click on the name (hyperlink) of your Run Control ID.  The Run Control ID page will open up and the parameters you had previously set for this report will still be listed.  You can then choose to run the report with the values as listed - or change any parameter.  If you change a parameter and want the system to remember your new parameters, simply save the Run Control ID again.

    List of Existing Values
  11. Once you have run your process or report, to monitor the progress of your report, click on the Process Monitor Hyperlink.  For more information about the Process Monitor, reference Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS .

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