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Employee Classifications (Empl Class) in HRS


This job aid will assist campus HR professionals in selecting the appropriate employee classification category when creating positions or in job data. In some cases, the Empl Class will have default continuity options.

Process Considerations:

  • Backup appointments (Z89NN, Z99NN) and Department Chair (Z97NN) are Zero Dollar, non-paid appointments (N Basis).


Legacy to HRS Empl Class Crosswalk
Note: "Legacy System" has been not been in operation since February 2011
IADS Appt Type HRS EMPL Class Description Title Code Title (active as of 8/24/09) Legacy 2-Digit Class Notes
ASASAcademic Staff

CJCJUniversity Staff Project - FT Finite (Classified Project)

CLCLUniversity Staff Temporary Employment TE (Classified LTE)

CPCPUniversity Staff Ongoing (Classified Permanent)



SHSHStudent Help

30, 3131 = workstudy
ETET1Employees-in-TrainingX01NNResearch Associate17
ET2X10NNPostdoctoral Fellow47
ET2X20NNPostdoctoral Scholar47
ET2X30NNPostdoctoral Trainee47
ET3X50NNResearch Intern91
ET3X61NN-X67NNPost Grad Trainee 1-791
ET3X70NNIntern (Non-Physician)91
ET4X75NNGrad Intern/Trainee91non-taxable
SASA1Student AssistantsY21NNFellow41, 12
SA1Y22NNScholar41, 12
SA1Y23NNTrainee41, 12
SA1Y26NNAdvanced Opportunity Fellow41,12
SA2Y41NNResearch Assistant61
SA3Y31NCTeaching Asst-Doct71
SA3Y31NDTeaching Asst-Dissertator71
SA3Y31NNTeaching Asst71
SA3Y32NDTeaching Asst Inexp-Disser71
SA3Y32NNTeaching Asst Inexperienced71
SA3Y33NDTeaching Asst Senior71
SA3Y33NNTeaching Asst Standard71
SA4Y51NNUndergraduate Assistant80
SA5Y42NCProgram Asst-Doctoral81
SA5Y42NDProgram Asst-Dissertator81
SA5Y42NGProgram Asst-Grader/Reader81
SA5Y42NNProgram Asst-Regular81
SA5Y43NCProject Asst-Doctoral81
SA5Y43NDProject Asst-Dissertator81
SA5Y43NGProject Asst-Grader/Reader81
SA5Y43NNProject Asst-Regular81
SA5Y44NNGraduate Assistant81
SA6Y52NNUndergraduate Intern82
SA7Y80NNHousefellow/Resident Asst91
OTOT1OtherZ91NNAd Hoc Program Spec10
OT1Z92NNCorrespondence Tutor10
OT2Z50NNTeaching Supervisor19
ASZ60NNOSH Headstart Prg Participants19
OT2Z85NNAssociate of the Chancellor19New 7/1/10
OT2Z86NNAssociate of the President19New 7/1/10
OT2Z89NNClassified Back-Up19Change Empl Class 7/1/10
Non Paid
OT2Z93NNRegent Professor19
OT2Z97NNDept Chairperson19Non Paid
OT2Z99NNAcademic Staff Back-Up19Change Empl Class 7/1/10
Non Paid
OT3Z94NNVilas Trust Pensions41
OT3Z95NNCarnegie Pensions41
OT4Z90NNHonorary Assoc/Fellow49
OT5Z75NNAdv Opportunity Part80
OT6Z80NNPre-College Intern82

You can find an employee's Empl Class on Position from the main Menu in HRS by navigating to : Organizational Development > Position Management> Maintain Positions/Budgets> Add/Update Position Info; search for position number.
Screen shot of empl class on Position
You can find an employee's Empl Class in Job Data from the main Menu in HRS by navigating to: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Job Data; search for employee; click on the Job Information tab.

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