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Processing the HSA no HDHP Enrollment WED Report in HRS


This report identifies employees currently enrolled in a Health Savings Account (HSA), but not enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). HDHP participation is a prerequisite for an HSA election. This must be corrected by either removing the HSA election, or creating a HDHP election for the correct time frame. All corresponding deductions should also be reconciled.

Process Considerations:

  • Coverage Begin Dates should be the same for both the High Deductible Health Plan and the Health Savings Account enrollments.
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  1. Log into HRS.  The Workflow Exception Dashboard queries will appear based on your current security and whether there is an error to fix. Use The Workflow Exception Dashboard in HRS for additional guidance.
  2. Click on the UW_BN_HSA_NO_HDHP query hyperlink in the Workflow Exception Dashboard (WED).

  3. A current list of employees who are enrolled in a Health Savings Account (HSA) but missing a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) enrollment will be displayed.  This list will be refreshed each evening.  (Note:  Empl_ID's that appear as hyperlinks in the list have more than one error.)
  4. Click the 'Check to Claim' checkbox next to the person you wish to work with, and your name will appear in the Claimed By section with the date and time noted.
  5. Click the FSA_BENEFITS hyperlink for the employee you have claimed.
  6. The employee's Spending Accounts enrollment pages will be displayed.  Click on the arrow button to navigate to Plan Type 67 Health Savings Account.

    HSA enrolled
  7. Note the Coverage Begin Date for Plan Type 67.
  8. Create an ADM Event or reprocess an existing ADM Event for the same Event date as the HSA enrollment to add the HDHP coverage. A State Group Health Insurance application must be received within 30 days of a Qualifying Event (60 days in the event of a birth) to add the HDHP coverage. If the application is not submitted timely, the employee is not eligible for an HSA plan and the Benefit Administrator will need to terminate the HSA enrollment in HRS and notify UWSS Benefit Service Delivery to submit the account closure and audit request documents to Optum Financial.
Warning Sign  Warning: If the employee is still enrolled in a Health Savings Account with no corresponding High Deductible Health Plan election beyond the 30 days (60 days for birth) of a Qualifying Event or their date of hire, Benefit Service Delivery will remove the HSA election. The Benefit Administrator will receive a communication if this occurs.

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