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Okta YubiKey Setup


This document shows the process for requesting a YubiKey and how to use it.

Process Considerations:

  • YubiKeys provide additional protection to your Okta Verify Apps
  • Okta requires a 6 digit PIN setup for YubiKeys
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Acquiring a YubiKey

You may request a hardware token from Help Desk.

We have two different Yubikeys available, USB-A and USB-C. Both have NFC capabilities

USB-A YubiKeyUSB-C YubiKey

Setup YubiKey with Okta Verify

Windows Setup

  1. Plug your YubiKey into your laptop and let Windows automatically install the drivers.
  2. Open your Okta user settings on the website:
    1.,,, or - Okta User Settings
    2. - Okta User Settings
  3. Scoll down to the Security Methods section
    1. Click Setup Another Security Key or Biometric Authenticator
  4. Your browser will ask you for access to the YubiKey. Click OK
    1. Browser prompt for YubiKey access
  5. You will then be prompted to setup an additional pin for your YubiKey
    1. This needs to be at least 6 digits long
    2. YubiKey pin setup screen
  6. Once added you should see YubiKey under your Security Methods
    1. YubiKey now showing in Okta

macOS Setup

  1. Download and launch YubiKey Manager from the Self Service app
  2. Once open, plug your YubiKey in and follow the setup
    1. Please set a PIN for your YubiKey if you haven't yet
  3. Log on to your Okta user settings and check for YubiKey in Security Methods:
    1.,,, or - Okta User Settings
    2. - Okta User Settings
  4. When prompted for a verification method, choose Security Key or Biometric Authenticator
    1. Follow the onscreen instructions (You may be prompted to reinsert the YubiKey)

Additional Resources

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