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Okta Verify for Desktop


This guide will give a brief overview of the Okta Verify app for desktop environments

Process Considerations:

  • Obtain your organization’s sign-in URL. This might be available in the Welcome/Activation email that you received from your administrator.

  • You will need to either be onsite with a wired connection or connected to VPN
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Okta Verify Desktop App Setup

  1. Install Okta Verify on your desktop (You will need to be onsite with a wired connection or on VPN)
    1. Windows computer: Enter “Software Center” into the Search field in the Windows taskbar and click Return.
      1.  Software Center
      2. Click on the "Okta Verify" icon in the list:
      3. Install Okta Verify
      4. Click "Install" to download and install the app.
      5. Install Okta Verify
    2. Mac: Grab it from our Self Service App.
  2. Open Okta Verify using the desktop icon.
    • OktaVerifyicon
  3. Click Get started.
    • Get Started
  4. Click "Next"
    • Next
  5. On the "New Account" screen enter your organization’s sign-in URL.
    1.  New Account
    2. If your emails ends with or use:
    3. If your emails ends with use:
  6. Click Next.
  7. A browser window will open, enter your e-mail address in the "Username" field and click "next"
    • Login
  8. Click Select next to Get a push notification to your registered mobile device. If prompted click "Select" next to "Get a push notification"
    • Okta Verification
  9. You will automatically get a notification on phone to verify that it’s you. Open the notification on your phone and verify “Yes it’s me.” 
  10. You will get a message on your desktop that says your identify is verified.
    • Verified
  11. If prompted to enable Windows Hello click on "Not Now"
    • Windows Hello
  12. Okta Verify is now configured on your desktop. 

Verify with Okta Verify app

  1. Sign into a service that requires Okta verification
  2. On the 2FA screen make sure it says Okta FastPass
    1. If not, choose Verify with something else and select it from the following screen

Push notification Multi Factor Authentication Selection

     3. Complete the verification via your Okta Verify app

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