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Running the Lump Sum and Lump Sum Adjustment forms HR Data Query in HRS


This query provides the data of the Lump Sum forms or Lump Sum Adjustment forms that are in the completed status.

Process Considerations:

  • Security roles required to run this report include: UW_UNV_HR_REPORTS or UW_UNV_HR_QUERY_NS
  • Query results will return result based on user's row level security
  • User can limit results by Business Unit (Optional), Department ID (Optional), From Executed From Date, From Executed To Date prompts
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  1. Navigate to:  Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  3. Click Search
  4. Click the Run to HTML or Excel hyperlink

    LumpSum Search
  5. When prompted you can choose to limit results by Business Unit, Dept ID, From Executed From Date, Executed To Date or leave blank for Business Unit, Department to pull all the Business Units, Departments which are completed status (Executed Status) with Date range entered in From Executed From Date and Form Executed To Date.
  6. Review the Results.

Field Explanations:

Form Executed From Date and Form Executed To Date

  • These Dates are the range dates where all the forms which are in completed (Executed status). (Example: If you want extract/pull all the forms which are completed (Executed Status) from June 1 to June 30).

 Note: The data appearing in the Excel spreadsheet or HTML output is: 

  1. Original Form ID
  2. Adjustment Form ID
  3. Requester
  4. Form Created on
  5. Business Unit
  6. Department ID
  7. Employee ID
  8. Employee Rcd
  9. Employee Name
  10. Earning Code
  11. Start Date (Lumpsum Work Start Date)
  12. End Date (Lumpsum Work End Date)
  13. Adjustment (Lumpsum Amount from Adjustment form)
  14. Payment (Lumpsum Amount)
  15. ACA Hours
  16. Supervisor/Reports to ID
  17. Supervisor/Reports To Name
  18. Reports To Position
  19. Teacher (Course teaching)
  20. Course Title
  21. Course Section
  22. Lumpsum Work Description
  23. Why Requesting
  24. Additional Comments
  25. Fund (Funding Entry field1)
  26. Dept ID (Funding Entry field2)
  27. Program code (Funding Entry field3)
  28. Project (Funding Entry field 4)
  29. Amount% (Funding Entry field 5)
  30. Position (Lumpsum Employee Position#)
  31. Job Code
  32. Location
  33. Full/Part
  34. Reg/Temp
  35. Working Title
  36. Continuity
  37. Employee Class
  38. Pay Basis
  39. Form Status
  40. Compensation Frequency
  41. Rate Code

    Sample Reports:

    Note: In the sample reports it won't display all the fields

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