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Maintain Telework Data in HRS


The Telework functionality in HRS enables you to track jobs, positions and workers that are allowed to work remotely. It allows tracking remote worker status by Job/employee record, in the event that employees with multiple jobs qualifies them to remote work in one job but not the other(s).

Process Considerations

  • You may use the Telework features to do the following:
    • Capture the start date and end date of when employees will be remote working
    • Track part-time remote working, including the number of days per week and average days per month
    • Capture an employee's actual remote work location and address.  Multiple locations may be tracked if necessary.
    • Identify if remote working is a result of a temporary or permanent disability
    • Capture any formal remote work agreement in place between the organization, manager and employee
    • Define specific job codes, positions and/or locations that qualify for remote working
  • A new row is required for each calendar year, typically with yearly review of telework agreement
  • Security to Add/Update is given to UW_UNV_HR_ADMINISTRATOR role
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Instructions for Maintaining Telework information for employee

1. Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > Maintain Teleworkers

2. Search for records already present in the Maintain Teleworkers or Add a new record

3.  To search for records already present, enter in Empl ID and Empl Record OR search by Name in the "Find an Existing Value" selection. 
Enter desired search criteria.  "Search"
If no data is found, you will receive the following message "No matching values were found". 
To add a new record, select "Add a New Value" tab.
  • You must enter the Empl ID and Empl Record combination
  • Select "Add" to create a new record
4. Three tabs will appear when creating a new record, the first being the Telework Status page:
"Job Eligible for Telework" and "Position Eligible for Telework" checkboxes need to be checked on Job Code and Position tables respectively in order for them to be checked on Maintain Telework page.
  • Job Eligible for Telework:  Displays as selected if the Available for Telework field is selected at the Job Code 
  • Position Eligible for Telework:  Displays as selected if the Available for Telework field is selected at the Position.
If the fields are grayed out, the Position can be updated using KB Managing Position Data in HRS.  The Job Code can be updated using KB [Link for document 77593 is unavailable at this time.].
Complete the Telework Details on the Telework Status page:
  • Start Date - Enter the date that the telework arrangement begins. 
  • End Date - Enter the date that the telework arrangement is anticipated to end.  No end date implies that this arrangement is on-going. 
  • Recurring Days/Week - Enter the anticipated days per week that the teleworker works remotely.  The maximum value is 7. 
  • Average Days/Month - Enter the anticipated days per month that the teleworker works remotely.  The maximum value is 31.
5. Complete the Location tab by choosing one of the three options under "Worksite"
  • Home - Pulls in the employee's home address from "Modify a Person" page 
  • Other - Allows you to manually enter a specific Address by clicking "Edit Address" 
  • Telework Location - Allows a Telework Location to be utilized.  Telework Locations are only available if the location is specified as a valid telework location in the Location Table.

6. Complete the Agreement information. Choose the Telework Agreement is in Place if an agreement has been reached.
Enter the date in which the agreement had been reached.
Choose the Telework Agreement Status appropriate to the situation:
  • Approved: A value in the Reason field is not required 
  • Denied:
    • Handles secure materials.
    • Perform on-site activities
    • Other
  • Terminated by Employee
    • Change in work assignments
    • Other
  • Terminated by Manager
    • Change in work assignments
    •  Other
7.  After all data has been entered, "Save"

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