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Running and Analyzing the FLSA Exempt Compliance Report in HRS


The FLSA Exemption Compliance Report identifies employees who potentially need a change in their FLSA Status from Exempt to Non-Exempt, accounting for exceptions due to job duties such as Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer, Camp Counselor or Academic Administrator that are legal exceptions to the rule. The report provides wages related to FLSA Jobs to assist with the analysis.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets guidelines for employers to determine whether employees are exempt from overtime. Overtime is time and a half of what an employee earns for every hour worked over 40 hours in a workweek. The FLSA salary threshold is the minimum salary employers must pay employees for them to be exempt from overtime wages. Beginning 1/1/2020, the threshold is $35,568 annually or $684 per week. There is an exception of UWMSN Job Code D80AN - Associate Lecturer, who must earn $33,568 annually or $649.12 per week. Anyone under the threshold must be eligible for overtime.

Process Considerations:

  • Report used to track employees who could potentially require a change to their FLSA Status from Exempt to Non-Exempt, accounting for exceptions due to job duties such as teaching are legal exceptions to the rule.  Campuses are to evaluate data provided and determine when changes are required.
  • Corrective actions for employees identified in the report may need to be completed after analysis.  Roughly 2% of the paid population could to be false positives on the report.  This report does not currently track on corrective action and presumes the institutional user is reviewing FLSA Status not only by reviewing the report, but also at every job and compensation change for their employees.
  • Query has been created for an intended audience of HR Admin's to evaluate the current FLSA Status of employees who are under the annual FLSA threshold of $35,568 or for UWMSN's Job Code D80AN where it is $33,568.  
  • This PS Query may take a while to run in the foreground and may time out.  Please consider scheduling the job as described below.
  • If determined that changes are required to the FLSA Threshold Exemption, refer to Updating FLSA Threshold Exemption Field in HRS 
  • If determined that changes are required to the FLSA Status, refer to Reviewing and Updating FLSA Status for Employees With Multiple Job Records in HRS
  • Security roles required to run the report from the WorkCenter are:  UW_UNV_HR_REPORTS and UW_SSC_HR_SERVICE_CENTER
Warning  This job is running extremely long at this time or times out.  Please schedule the job by following these steps:
1.  Navigate to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
Query Viewer
2.  Search for the Query:
UW_HR_FLSA_EXEMPT_COMPLIANCE and choose "Schedule"
Reference the Related KB's to run and locate the output.
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Instructions for Evaluation

The FLSA Compliance Query evaluates and lists employees in FLSA Jobs and provides the end user with wage information to determine if their FLSA Status should be changed.  An employee not meeting the annual threshold of $35,568 and not qualifying for an FMLA Exeption must be changed to Non-Exempt.

1.  Navigate to:  Workforce Administration > Job Information > UW FLSA WorkCenter

2. Choose the FLSA Compliance Report from the Queries panel:

Report Image

3.    Enter your search criteria

  • Business Unit (Optional):  the specific institution for evaluation; wildcard (%) use is acceptable
  • DeptID (Optional):  a specific Organizational Department; wildcard (%) use is acceptable

4.    Click View Results

  Note:  If specific search criteria are not used, there is a potential that the report will take an extended amount of time to run.  Scheduling the job may be a better option if timing out (instructions listed below).

5.    Evaluate to determine if employees listed need to have their FLSA Status changed from Exempt to Non-Exempt

  • Data for most recently completed Pay Run ID or pay period will populate; the report provides the Earns End and Period End Dates
  • Employees in Active (A) or Paid or intermittent LOA (P) Empl Status with a FLSA Status of E will populate if they are below the threshold. You will see data pertaining to Non FLSA Status employee data if the employee holds multiple jobs.
  • Employee job attributes are based on current Job Data
  • Threshold  Pay Period: is displayed based on the number of months paid to date
    • Monthly: 1/12th of $35,568 = $2,964 x month
    • Bi-Weekly: 1/26th of $35,568 = $1,368
  • FLSA Job Earnings: pulls earnings based on FLSA related job codes
  • FLSA Pers Earns: pulls earnings for ALL positions held for current month or Pay Period
  • FLSA YTD Earns: pulls FLSA job earnings paid YTD

Report Screenshot 3

6.    If analysis has determined that there needs to be modifications made to employee data, please reference Related KB's below.

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